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beestdeal is the reference for classifieds in Estonia. You can find ads to find your future second hand car, motorcycle but also real estate, employment, clothing, appliances, decoration, furniture and toys.

An entire project including design and creation of the multilingual website, back-office, graphical charter, logo and business cards.

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15 June 2019

This Estonian company created an online marketplace between individuals. The symbolized handshake represents the final act of a good deal.

The graphical charter being simple and refined, we wanted to keep this mindset for business cards. While the front side simply displays the necessary informations with part of the logotype noticeable, the back side only shows the logo on a gradient colored background. A striking contrast that is enough to distinguish this company among many others.

The blog has a different interface to the parent site, in order to differentiate it and because the objectives are not the same. We have configured share buttons for social networks taking into account the meta-tags (the title, description and photo of the article will appear on the post). We have also added a progress bar that gets bigger as the reader scrolls the page.

On this kind of website where it is easy to get lost in a maze of ads with a lot of different colors, it was necessary to keep a neutral but identifiable mind. That's why we decided that the homepage should go straight to the point, few texts and a lot of space to prevent users from getting lost.

The product pages remains simple, one can click on the main picture to enlarge it and scroll through the pictures. We can send a message to the owner directly from this page. Also, the header becomes transparent in order to make room for pictures.

It was essential to be able to exchange between buyers and sellers via the website, so we set up a messaging system entirely developed by ourselves. On this interface, you can find a summary of the ad on the right, in which appear all the necessary information. Thus, no need to go back and forth between messaging and product pages, everything is available at a glance. The list of ongoing conversations is also displayed on the left.

Our office

Tartu Mnt 50a

Tallinn, Estonia

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